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My name is Rich Rojas and I created this Web site to help clear up a lot of the confusion surrounding purchasing an elliptical trainer for personal use. I've been serious about working out since I first started messing around with weights in my basement when I was 15. For a kid who wasn't athletically gifted, the transformation was amazing! Though I never became a star athlete or even a competitive bodybuilder, I gained a lot of confidence and felt a lot healthier. This led to a lifestyle change that included being much more aware of things like nutrition and exercise techniques.

I know you're probably wondering what this has to do with elliptical trainers, but that's the other half of my story. You see, the part that always eluded me was the cardiovascular training piece. I knew from reading volumes of books and magazines devoted to bodybuilding that the cardio component was essential to attaining a complete and finished physique not to mention just general all around good health.

I tried just about everything...

I tried running around the high school track, until my increased bodyweight from additional muscle mass started putting a beating on my knees and ankles. I never much liked weaving my bike in and out of traffic. I even bought a jump rope, but quickly gave up on that because it also put a lot of stress on my knees and was just downright boring!

At one point I invested in a Precor rowing machine, which were all the rage during the 1980s. I liked the concept, but I had to wear my winter gloves to prevent blisters on my hands and the interest level was somewhere below watching paint dry. The rowing machine is still in my closet collecting dust. I've tried putting it out in our annual yard sale, but there's just no interest.

Joined a Gym

When I finally joined a gym, then things really opened up for me! Not only were there so many more options to choose from for weight training equipment, but so were the options for cardio equipment. The first pieces of cardio equipment I gravitated to were stationary bikes. There were so many different brands and styles. I stuck with the stationary bike for several years, but never really enjoyed it nor did I feel like I was getting a sufficient cardio workout since I only had about 20 minutes to devote to it. I needed the rest of my time to hit the weights, which was my main priority. I saw some people riding the stationary bike for an hour. I'm sorry, but my butt was pretty sore after just 20 minutes and the boredom just became too much to bear!

NordicTrack Skier to the Rescue!

Then a new piece of equipment showed up in the gym during the early 1990s. It was the NordicTrack skier. It took a bit of encouraging from my workout partner to give it a try. You see, I'm not all that coordinated and I was afraid that I would fall flat on my face. It took me a while to get the hang of the smooth striding motion, but once I got it I was hooked! I actually looked forward to my sessions on the skier. Perhaps it was the motion, but instead of boredom, I was sort of hypnotized by the gliding motion so my workouts seemed to fly by.

The NordicTrack became a habit for me for the next several years. In the meantime, I checked out other pieces of cardio equipment that seemed to pop in the gym like mushrooms. There were stair climbers, steppers, even a machine that simulated speed skating. That one I never understood and it eventually disappeared from the gym. It was like the equipment makers were searching for the Holy Grail and in their quest we were their guinea pigs.

A New Contender On The Scene

Throughout all these comings and goings I remained faithful to my trusty NordicTrack confident that it just couldn't be topped. The next round of cardio machines that made an appearance were a new fangled device called an "elliptical trainer". I just scoffed and refused to even try it certain that it was just another fad that would soon pass and I'd be back on the NordicTrack.

Unlike some of the other new cardio equipment, the elliptical trainers started taking over more floor space and even worse, the NordicTrack skiers were reduced from 3 to 1! And it got worse from there, the remaining NordicTrack started falling into disrepair. I often had to restring the cords in order to use it. Was the writing on the wall?

Making The Switch To Elliptical Trainers

Knowing that I really didn't have a choice, I reluctantly gave the elliptical trainers a try. I wasn't quite ready to concede them a complete victory, but I was very impressed with the smoothness of the elliptical motion. It was similar to the skier, but somehow even better and it didn't take the same degree of coordination as the skier! The other thing I liked was that the upper body handles were easier on my shoulders. I had a shoulder injury that the cables of the skier would sometimes aggravate. The best part was that I could get in a great cardio workout in just 20 minutes!

A Convert For Life!

So it's been about 6 years now and though I still kind of miss the NordicTrack, there's really no switching away from the Elliptical Trainer! It's an integral part of my training routine and I don't know what I'd do without it. As I approach the half-century mark, I feel better than ever and I'm also able to keep up my muscle tone while keeping my body fat from getting out of control. I'm sure this last part is the direct result of incorporating the elliptical trainer into my workout schedule.

I'm really glad you stopped by! Please read the elliptical trainer reviews here and the other pages with useful training information. I hope you'll get hooked on the elliptical trainer and better health like I did!

All The Best!

Rich Rojas