Bodycraft ECT-2500 Trainer Review:

The Bodycraft ECT-2500 Elliptical Trainer sports a 61 lb. drive system, steel frame, adjustable stride length, and 400 Watts of resistance in a compact yet sturdy package. With an MSRP of $1499, the Bodycraft ECT-2500 elliptical trainer is a very worthy contender in the mid-range of home ellipticals.


MSRP - $1499.00      Average Selling Price - $1299.00

Dimensions:Picture of ECT-2500 Console



Our Recommendation:  BodyCraft Elliptical Rating 3 stars

The primary knock we have against the Bodycraft ECT-2500 is the 16" maximum stride length. However, if you're on the shorter side, 5'7" and under, you should do OK with this elliptical trainer.

Overall, the ECT-2500 is a great compact elliptical trainer and is based on a well-engineered design that uses high quality components. The heavy drive system and eddy current brake are what set the Bodycraft ECT-2500 apart from lower priced ellipticals that use motorized magnetic braking systems. This is an area that we're reluctant to compromise on and the ECT-2500 doesn't disappoint on this score.

The other aspect of the ECT-2500 that isn't visible, but makes a big difference is the relative ease of assembly. It should take 2 people around 30 minutes to put the ECT-2500 elliptical trainer together. 

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