Cheap Nutritional Supplements

The best source of nutrition is whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein such as chicken and fish. These whole foods provide the highest quality of nutrients that your body needs for energy as well as to rebuild tissue.

However, sometimes it's just not possible to get all of an essential nutrient such as certain vitamins and minerals from food alone. It then makes good sense to turn to dietary supplements to fill in the gap. After all, that's what the word "supplement" means!

The Secret To Burning Fat

If there is a secret to burning fat it's a fast metabolism. You may think that a fast metabolism is something only a few special people are born with. Actually, anyone can increase their metabolism and make it run faster relative to the rate it currently runs. And it doesn't involve using potentially dangerous weight-loss supplements containing caffeine and Ephedra.

Just like a furnace or a car engine, the more fuel you put into it, the hotter it runs. Your metabolism works in a similar way. To keep it running hot, keep it fueled up throughout the day. So instead of 3 large meals spaced 5 hours or more apart, try 5-6 meals spaced 3 hours apart.

The result will be a feeling of fullness, which will prevent binge eating and making unwise snack choices such as candy or chips. Your internal furnace will also be fully stoked and will more efficiently burn fat for energy between meals.

Use Nutritional Supplements To Add Meals

It's ideal if you can prepare most of your meals ahead of time and then take them to work or school with you. But if you're like most people, this isn't practical. This seems to only be done by dedicated, competitive body builders.

The rest of us need to find a more convenient way to squeeze in those extra meals while we're away from home. Unfortunately this usually takes the form of snacks with little nutritional value. The good news is that there are Meal Replacement formulas and protein shakes that can substitute for a 3pm meal while at the office.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements - Your "Insurance Policy"

Whole foods are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals, but some of these nutrients may actually work better in quantities beyond what you can get from food. The so-called anti-oxidants have shown promise in removing free radicals from the body, which can cause cancer. Extra calcium helps strengthen bones, which is especially important for women who are at higher risk for osteoporosis and people who don't consume dairy products.

Recommended Nutritional Supplements

There are a multitude of nutritional supplements to choose from. All with specific benefits to your health. The best approach is to always try to eat a balanced diet to lay the foundation for meeting your daily nutritional requirements. Then wisely fill in any nutritional gaps in your diet with quality supplements.

Below are a list of nutritional supplements that can get you started on a well-rounded dietary plan:

get the best of the best

As you progress in your diet and fitness plan, you will probably want to begin educating yourself about nutrition and nutritional supplements. Be sure to read about both the benefits and any potential risks associated with the supplement.

Then give the product a fair try and closely monitor any changes in yourself and how you feel. Remember that some supplements act as an insurance policy against heart disease and cancer risk so you may not perceive any noticeable changes.

You should consult with your physician before using any nutritional supplement to make certain that you don't have any existing health conditions or are taking any medications that may not be compatible with a particular supplement.