Commercial Ellipticals

"Industrial Strength" Equipment For Both Gym and Home Use

When it comes to an exercise routine, you have 2 choices: you can exercise at home or at a gym. Gyms come in a wide variety of types, there are high-end health clubs and spas, school and university exercise facilities, and public facilities. What they all have in common is that they typically purchase what is known as "commercial-grade" equipment.

It's rare to spot a cheap elliptical strider at a reputable health club. It only makes good economic and business sense. Health club owners don't want to incur the liability of their members being injured by using flimsy exercise equipment. They also don't want to constantly have to take exercise machines out of service and arrange for costly equipment repairs.

Commercial ellipticals are spec'd and manufactured to more ruggedized standards than home elliptical trainers. Their frames are heavier and have a larger footprint. As a result, they can safely accommodate heavier individuals - trainees weighing over 240 lbs. They'll also hold up better under heavy use.

Commercial ellipticals also usually come equipped with fancier consoles that have a larger selection of training programs and fancier displays. They also typically have heart rate sensors built into the handle grips. Higher priced home ellipticals may also provide some of these features.

"Do you want a service plan with that elliptical?"

For operators of commercial gyms, a service plan is pretty much a requirement. It's not like choosing to pass on the $20 service contract that a big name electronics store tries to push on you for a $10 portable radio. It's a type of insurance to cover on-site repairs and maintenance of expensive equipment. From time to time I'll spot a technician working on either an elliptical trainer or treadmill at the gym I belong to.

When you think about how many people a day hop on one of these machines and stay on for an average of 15 minutes, you quickly come to realize that the gym members aren't the only ones getting a good workout! A service contract will pay for itself rather quickly.

Should You Ever Consider a Commercial Elliptical For Home Use?

The answer to this question is "it depends" - it depends on your budget, the space you have available, and your demands. If you're outfitting a home gym and you want high-quality equipment that's going to hold up well under heavy use, then it's hard to go wrong with a commercial elliptical.