Plus Size Women – 8 Essential Tips (From A Man) For Looking Your Best

Some people get suspicious when they see a man writing about topics intimately related to women. Especially topics related to plus size women and plus size womens clothing. Afterall, what could a man possibly know about the challenges facing full-figured women such as shopping for plus size clothing?

What many women tend to forget is that men are very observant when it comes to the female species. The typical myth that men don’t notice if their wife or girlfriend has changed her hairstyle or is wearing a new dress is definitely not true. Most men are not clueless cavemen.

So it only makes sense to get a man’s perspective on what makes a plus size woman attractive in his eye. Below is a list of areas that a plus size woman can accentuate to enhance her natural beauty:

1. Eyes -- If eyes are windows into the soul, then they certainly deserve special attention. For many plus size women, eyes are their most beautiful asset. Think Kirstie Alley. It really doesn’t take much – some eyeliner and mascara (skip the eye shadow) and you’re done. If you wear glasses, then it’s certainly worth investing in a stylish set of frames.

2. Hair –- No matter who you are or what your size, your hair can be your best asset. Cut it, perm it, add extensions, or what ever you like. Just do your best to make your hair look great. Also, don’t forget about the possibility to call attention to your face with hats –- especially during spring and summer.

3. Smile -- A great smile is worth a million bucks! People naturally feel closer to someone who flashes them a warm and sincere smile. However, a set of healthy teeth and gums makes flashing that smile a whole lot easier. Actually, a set a fleshy, pink gums can be truly sexy on a plus size women. Think the late Anna Nicole Smith here.

4. Skin -- Smooth, blemish-free skin that has a healthy glow is extremely sexy. Though a tan can be attractive, it’s not worth the risk of skin cancer and sun damage to your skin. It’s better instead to use a bronzing cream. Just choose one with a natural tone.

Makeup should be tastefully and sparingly applied. It’s amazing how many women don’t understand this. It’s also an area that men will definitely notice if done improperly. If you are unsure about what works best for you, then a consultation with a cosmetics professional can help.

5. Rear -- A backside can be large and still be quite sexy! The secret is that it’s large in mostly one direction rather than being too wide. Firmness by way of muscularity helps a great deal back here. The classic hourglass shape is what men are looking for -- a large chest, wide hips and somewhat smaller stomach. May West was the epitome of this figure. If you are blessed with an hourglass figure then just about any type of clothing in your size will look great -- even tight fitting jeans. Don’t hide that beautiful shape in tent-like clothing!

6. Cleavage –- Despite popular belief, not all plus size women are well endowed up top. But if you got it, then don’t be shy about flaunting it. This feature is one of the hallmarks of the hourglass figure. Men will overlook a lot of faults in the presence of a large bosom, but you probably already knew that.

7. Hands –- A pair of well-manicured hands can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. Whether you have your nails professionally done or you do them yourself, choose a color that complements your complexion and use a polish that won’t chip.

8. Mind and Heart –- Though not technically physical body parts, your mind and your heart are absolutely your most important features! What good is a beautiful package that’s empty inside? Every human being should be constantly and consistently working to improve his or her mind. This is what makes us interesting to others. And a kind heart is a huge turn on. Many a man has been won over by just a kind heart alone!

Taking pride in your health and your appearance along with your intellectual and spiritual growth will go a long way towards making you irresistible to those around you!

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