Smooth CE Plus Elliptical Trainer Review:


The Smooth CE has been discontinued. We suggest that you have a look at the Smooth CE3.6, which is a redesigned version of the form Smooth CE3.2 lower end home elliptical trainer. It's a ruggeded machine with a longer stride length than the CE 3.6 and has an upgraded display.

The Smooth Fitness CE Plus elliptical trainer replaces the original Smooth CE in the Smooth elliptical product line. It's a compact home elliptical trainer with a space-saving 55" footprint, which makes it a great solution for apartment dwellers or people with limited space for in-home fitness equipment. But don't let it's size fool you! The Smooth CE Plus sports a hefty 50 lb flywheel and with its extended 19" stride length, this is a silky smooth elliptical trainer with loads of stability. It's not cheap (most expensive of the Smooth ellipticals), but if space is an issue and you don't want to compromise on quality, then you'd be hard-pressed to do better than the Smooth CE Plus Elliptical Trainer.


MSRP - $3097.00       Average Selling Price - $2399.00

Dimensions: Smooth CE Plus Console Image

Our Recommendation:  Tunturi C6 Elliptical Trainers Recommendation 4 stars   **EH Best Buy**

Like the original Smooth CE, the Smooth CE Plus is a rebranded Kettler elliptical (EXT7). Kettler is a German fitness manufacturer who puts their unique metal tubing manufacturing and cutting process to good use in their products. This is particularly evident in their high-quality elliptical trainers. The Smooth CE Plus has a very solid and durable frame, which Smooth is so confident in that they back it with a lifetime warranty.

Siemans, another German company known for quality products, makes the LCD console on the Smooth CE Plus. A weakness of the original Smooth CE was its hard to see and confusing LCD display. The LCD on the Smooth CE Plus is larger as well as backlit for better viewing. I still prefer a LED dot-matrix display like Smooth uses on their American designed ellipticals such as the Ce 7.4, but the CE Plus console is still decent enough.

The great stability of the Smooth CE plus comes from its 50 lb flywheel (2 lbs heavier than the original CE) and overall unit weight of 200 lbs, which is only 10 lbs lighter than the massive CE 7.4! It's truly amazing that Kettler got this into a 55" footprint when the CE 7.4 consumes 85" of space!

The other engineering marvel of the Smooth CE Plus is its extended stride length of 19". This was achieved using their patented Extended Motion Technology. The original CE only had a 16" stride length, which presented limitations for some people over 6'2". You can stand well over 6' and still get a quality elliptical feel on the the Smooth CE Plus.

My recommendation is that if you have the space, then you can save yourself about $900 and get the Smooth CE 3.2 elliptical trainer. Just be aware that it takes up some space and even if you do have a basement or separate exercise room, some people still wind up putting their fitness equipment in the living room. This way they can be close to the TV and the rest of the family. If this is your case, then definitely go with the Smooth CE Plus!