Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer Review:


The Smooth CE has been discontinued. We suggest that you have a look at the Smooth CE3.6, which is a redesigned version of the form Smooth CE3.2 lower end home elliptical trainer. It's a ruggeded machine with a longer stride length than the CE 3.6 and has an upgraded display.

The Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer is a solidly constructed elliptical trainer that provides ultra-quiet performance with a very affordable price tag. Designed for light-commercial as well as moderate to heavy home use, the Smooth CE will give its owner years of trouble-free performance.

Designed and manufactured in Germany by Kettler, a company well-known for its high quality line of elliptical trainers, the Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer inherits all of Kettler's trademark ruggedness and styling. The Smooth CE is a pretty looking elliptical, unlike many of the clunky plastic-clad models cluttering up display floors at the mass merchants.

All one needs to do is take a look at the solid drive unit at the rear of the machine and know that there's a hefty 48lb flywheel underneath that is at the heart of this elliptical's smooth ride. You really can't go wrong with the Smooth CE and it's certainly aptly named!


MSRP - $2587.00       Average Sale Price - $1999.00


Our Recommendation:  Smooth Fitness CE Elliptical Trainers Recommendation 4 stars   **EH Best Buy**

Our praise for the Smooth CE is high. This is an elliptical trainer that is a joy to workout on and that's owed to its solid feel and smooth motion. If you can't get excited about using this elliptical machine, then we're afraid that no other machine will do it for you.

We do want to mention that since the Smooth CE is sold factory-direct, it is not possible to test one out prior to purchase unless you happen to know someone who already has one. Smooth Fitness is aware that this may concern some customers, so they offer a 30-Day money back guarantee. So be sure to save the shipping box and all packing material until you're certain you want to keep it. However, we think this is a fair price to pay in order to save up to 45% by buying factory-direct on-line.