Smooth CE 2.1 Elliptical Trainer Review:


The Smooth CE 2.1 has been discontinued. We suggest that you have a look at the Smooth CE3.6, which is a redesigned version of the form Smooth CE3.2 lower end home elliptical trainer. It's a ruggeded machine with a longer stride length than the CE 3.6 and has an upgraded display.

The Smooth CE 2.1 elliptical trainer is a new offering from Smooth Fitness that fills in the gap at the lower end of the Smooth CE elliptical line. This new line of CE ellipticals is manufactured in the USA and has more of a club-like, commercial look.

Our preference still leans towards the European styling of the original Smooth CE made by Kettler in Germany. However, the new line is ruggedly built with a tubular frame. The ergonomic, pivoting foot pedals on the new models are one notable improvement over the original Smooth CE.


MSRP - $1697.00       
Average Selling Price - $1299.00


Our Recommendation:  Smooth CE 2.1 3 star rating

The Smooth CE 2.1 is a decent home elliptical that should provide a long period of trouble-free use. It retains the smooth and quiet operation of the original Smooth CE. However, you should decide if saving a few hundred dollars by dropping down to the Smooth CE 2.1 from the original CE is truly worth it.

The much lighter flywheel (20 lbs vs. 48 lbs.) and shorter stride length (16" vs 18") gives us pause. If you're under 6', then the 16" stride length should be fine. Above 6' and it may feel more on the bouncy side. The longer length of the CE 2.1 over the CE is also something to consider if your space requirements are limited.

Overall, Smooth Fitness should be commended for putting a quality elliptical within affordable reach of more consumers.