Smooth CE 3.2 Elliptical Trainer Review:


The Smooth CE 3.2 has been redesigned and relaunched as the Smooth CE 3.6. It's a more ruggeded machine with a longer stride length and upgraded display.

The Smooth CE 3.2 elliptical trainer is a new offering from Smooth Fitness that rounds out the lower end of the Smooth CE elliptical line. This new line of CE ellipticals is manufactured in the USA and has more of a club-like, commercial look.

The CE 3.2 is a step up from the Smooth CE 2.1 It comes with wireless heart rate control, which is a great feature for automatically keeping you within your target heart rate zone. The other improvement over the CE 2.1 is the large multi-display LED screen that approaches that of commercial grade ellipticals such as those from Life Fitness.

Our preference still leans towards the European styling of the original Smooth CE made by Kettler in Germany. However, the new line is ruggedly built with a tubular frame. The ergonomic, pivoting foot pedals on the new models are one notable improvement over the original Smooth CE.

Smooth CE 3.2 image

MSRP - $1897.00       
Average Selling Price - $1699.00


Smooth CE 3.2 console image

Our Recommendation:  Smooth CE 3.2 four star rating

The Smooth CE 3.2 is a nice step up from the CE 2.1 in the affordable range of CE ellipticals. It's ruggedly-built and retains the smooth and quiet operation of the original Smooth CE. The inclusion of the wireless heart rate control and chest strap along with the slick LED dot-matrix display make the Smooth CE 3.2 elliptical trainer a great choice in home ellipticals.

The same concerns regarding the lighter flywheel and larger footprint that we have about the CE 2.1 also apply to the CE 3.2. However, if you have the space, then you'll do fine.