Tunturi C3 Elliptical Trainer Review:

The Tunturi C3 Elliptical Trainer is built on the same frame as the Tunturi C6, which makes it a solid and stable machine. However, it lacks the more advanced features of its higher-end counterpart such as an eddy current brake resistance system.


MSRP - $899.00       Average Selling Price - $799.00


Our Recommendation:  Tunturi C6 Elliptical Trainers Recommendation 2 stars

It's a Tunturi elliptical trainer and that means that it's a well built piece of fitness equipment - ergonomic, compact design on a solid frame. We feel that if you have the extra $500 to spend, then why not go all the way and choose the Tunturi C6 elliptical trainer. It's well worth it to get an elliptical trainer with an eddy current brake, HR control, scalable training profiles and a feature-rich display. If you can live without these features and saving $500 is important then you can do well with considering the C3. The warranty could be better so we recommend purchasing an extended warranty if offered.